• Smart Classroom

    The digitally empowered smart classrooms that enables e-learning, is a unique feature of the school. The smart classrooms have ‘3D – Interactive Smart Board’ that makes teaching and learning process easy and interesting. The smart board technology creates an audio-visual environment that facilitates students to understand concepts quickly, easily and to retain its impact for a longer period. In addition, the smart boards are accompanied with huge library of 85,000+ 3D objects related to all subjects for all classes.

  • 3D Classroom

    This year the school installed '3D - Classroom', by which the students experience the educational concepts live through the 3D videos. It also helps the teachers to explain any critical concepts effectively and easily.

  • Computer Lab

    A well-equipped computer laboratory to provide best practical experience to the students. It benefits students to develop their skills in the field of ‘Information Technology'. Advanced N-Computing technology is launched in the lab. Every student has a separate terminal for practical. Touch interactive board, which makes any surface touch-screen, is also installed in computer lab. It helps teachers to deliver their lectures and presentations effectively to the students.

  • Laboratories

    There are well equipped Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Math’s and Geography laboratories available for students to do the practical.

  • Creativity Lab

    Students always have a creative nature. They like to create various things through various activities like sketching, drawing, painting, wax-clay work, toys, decorative items, best out of waste, etc. We have a spacious hall made for many such activities, where children are busy doing many such activities individually or in groups. Rather than traditional art and craft, music, and dance-related activities, we emphasize on creating something new here. Student's creativity is always encouraged and supported by our trained staff and visiting faculty. Students are always busy here in doing something new. Our students are trained in playing a variety of musical instruments and also for singing, devotional, patriotic songs, prayers, karaoke, etc.

  • School Library

    The school library is well stocked with different books required by students and teachers covering every field. It also provides newspaper & periodicals which the students and teachers access for further enhancement of their knowledge. The school library also consists of 'Online Touch Interactive Library Kiosks', which provide the platform for reading any ebooks, taking a tour to the world atlas, encyclopedia, listening pronunciation of any English word, etc by just touching the screen.

  • Indoor Games Hall

    The school has a spacious Indoor Games Hall. Here students are trained for Chess, Carrom, Table Tennis, and Yoga, etc. by the staff members and coaches. Students practice here after school hours and also on holidays.

  • Playground

    The school has a vast playground. As per the inter-school sports activities schedule, it is utilized for outdoor games - Cricket, Football, Hockey, Handball, Kho-Kho, Kabaddi, Athletics, etc. Regular mass drills are conducted. Annual Sports Meet is held every year in the month of December which is a mega sports event when all the students participate in sports activities.

  • Auditorium

    The school has a big multi-purpose hall. That is used for morning assembly, meetings, seminars. It is well equipped with high tech projector and sound system. Students are shown short films, documentaries, educational videos, and even movies in this hall. The hall is also used for various competitions, exhibitions, and indoor games activities when required.

  • RO Purified Water

    Safe drinking water is the basic need for all. Most of the diseases are water-borne. We have installed a big water purifier. Students do not bring drinking water from home, instead, they may carry backto  home. After the installation of this plant health problems of students was reduced.

  • Hand Wash Station

    Hygiene is very important in every day life for all. Washing hands is very essntial before having food. Students must have a habit of washing hands for the same reason. Our students are taught about the proper ways of hand wash and regularly teachers observe them before tiffin break. We have proper hand wash stations for students. It has created awareness among the students and parents are also happy about it.

  • Transport

    The School has transport service with well equipped fitting like fire-extingusher, emergency buzzer, first aid box, speed governer etc. We have trained, experienced drivers & female attendants for each bus.