Vision & Mission

Rotary English School Dondaicha

Vision Statement

  • To help each and every student reach their highest potential by creating an environment of learning that instills great values, sparks dynamism & creativity and promotes global-mindedness.
  • To develop student with life skills who have a balanced all-round personality and a strong desire to learn.
  • To develop the next-generation of confident, self-disciplined, world-citizens who will abide by the highest values at all times and set examples in their chosen fields.

Mission Statement

  • We will provide, in partnership with the parents, a stimulating learning environment in which every child is cared for and valued for their individuality, creativity and heritage. Within a green, safe and caring campus we will ensure that students of all ability levels are able to excel.
  • We will encourage each student to achieve his or her full potential by promoting curiosity and enthusiasm and equip them for the demands and opportunities of the future.