Pre Primary Nimgul


Rotary Pre Primary English School, Nimgul

The Rotary club of Dondaicha gave good support & opportunity to open one more branch nearby Dondaicha. It was named as Rotary Pre-Primary English School, at Nimgul. It was open on Monday 15th June 2015-16. The first day the school begin with 30 to 40 students with great success & good support from the board of school managing director, teaching staff & non-teaching staff, parents & so on. In this current year 2016-17, the school is running with 60 to 70 students.

The Pre-primary tucked away in the oldest part of the school building is a perfect introduction to a school. The academic year begins with an additional section of kindergarten classes. An orientation program was conducted for the parents of the preparatory, to help them get acquainted with the philosophy. All the skills gained through the year were displayed when the children confidently walked into the stage for the first time of their lives, for the plain-speaking event & when at the annual prep sports they turned some somersaults navigated through an obstacle course & danced to the music. The events of the pre-primary are best described in pictures. So here’s a good supply of them.

  • Our school community will experience a safe & harmonious learning environment.
  • Our students will expect learning success through programs which creatively engage all to achieve their personal best.
  • Our student will experience quality teaching through engagement in challenging learning programs which incorporate the creative use of new technologies.
  • Our students learning will be an advantage through positive partnership within & beyond school, enhanced through open & honest communication.
  • Our student will have their learning needs met through the focused use of resources. A very many thanks to Mr Laxman. D. Wagh, Mr Kalyanji .N. Bagal, Mr Vijay.S. Bagal our treasurer & administrator for their in valuable guidance & assistants during the entire year. I sorely feel the need for them ever so often.